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Heat Pumps

Heat pump technology has the potential for providing renewable energy and reducing energy consumption, making it a green alternative.

A heat pump is able to extract heat from the air, ground or water and concentrate it to provide heating for water or indoor areas. The only energy required is that which is used to concentrate the thermal energy. – so the system can provide a heat output up to four times larger than the energy input. A heat pump can potentially reduce heating costs.

By reversing the process heat pumps can also be used for cooling during the summer. Thus, a single system can produce space heating, space cooling and hot water.

Choosing a Heat Pump System

As cold as it gets outside, you’ll heat up the productivity indoors. Rheem has the most comprehensive, feature-loaded lineup in the heating industry. Our super-efficient technology provides savings on both gas and electricity. Whatever Rheem heating option you choose, you can depend on energy-saving, cost-effective, reliable performance for years to come. Learn More

LINS offers systems from York and Rheem. To learn more about Heat Pump solutions from these manufacturers, please follow the links below.

Manufacturer Link: Rheem Heat Pump Products